Caliban - Bastard Son of the Obscene (thedarklinglord) wrote,
Caliban - Bastard Son of the Obscene

Rereading Ender's Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon...

It's a real shame these books weren't written several years ago and optioned for movies while Haley Joel Osment was still young. Yeah, I know, he's still young, but now he's in that transitional phase of adolescence. Not really a child anymore. As a child, I believe he would have made a kick-ass Bean. Not just because he was small and scrawny, but because he has those ultra expressive, eerily brilliant eyes that convey an intensity and intellect beyond years. And, quite frankly, most child actors annoy the hell out of me - which is why I'd probably hate any movie version of these books, since they'd either have to cast children or completely fuck up the story by changing the age of all the characters - with Haley being the rare exception that actually gives me hope for the next generation of actors. I just can't imagine anyone else out there ever being able to pull off the character of Bean.

Yeah... A bit of randomness there. Just thought I'd share.
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