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Starting the New Year on the right foot...

Got a New Year's Eve text message - which I only just got today - from my brother stating:

"If you're going to drink and drive, run over someone you hate."

Heh. (If you've ever seen Type O Negative in concert it's even more amusing because you hear Peter's thick Brooklyn accent in your head.)

My New Year's resolutions?

1. No more fucking profanity.

2. Be more optimistic. (Yeah, like that'll ever fucking happen.)

3. Be less misogynistic, because those fucking bitches are so friggin' sensitive about being called sluts and whores and I'm sick of their goddamn cunt attitudes.

4. Leave my hair a single color for a full year.

5. And finally, let my mother know I appreciate her and love her at every opportunity. So, Mom...I love you. (Thank God she'll never read this!)

Yep. It's going to be one hell of a year.
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