Caliban - Bastard Son of the Obscene (thedarklinglord) wrote,
Caliban - Bastard Son of the Obscene

I'm not dead. Hold the applause.

I'm entirely too tired to make a real post. (Working 60 hours a week will do that to you. And, idiot that I am, I've actually applied for a second job.) Instead, I'll just share the words of someone a thousand times more eloquent than I'll ever be.

"...the great longing of the unquiet heart is to possess constantly and consciously the loved one, or, failing that, to be able to plunge the loved one, when a time of absence intervenes, into a dreamless sleep timed to last unbroken until the day they meet again." ~ Albert Camus, The Plague

We now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.
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